If You Build It, They Will Come. HA!

If only it were that easy. No one tells you when you start a business how many hours go into the business plan, marketing plan, marketing, branding, and just figuring everything out! This is before you even launch. One of my businesses took me 2 years to get everything together in order for investors to jump on board. I've also launched business 6 weeks after the thought entered my head.

It was all hard work and maybe a few tears. Some of us are just born to be our own boss. To follow our passion. We have to listen to that voice inside of us that tells us we were born to do more.

In this time of uncertainty, when we all feel like we are just waiting around for something to happen, you must take ACTION.

I remember building a website for my coaching business, getting my programs and pricing in place, setting up social media pages, printing business cards, and getting a logo thinking, "Well, where are all my customers? I did all this work, why isn't my phone ringing off the hook"? Umm, girl, because nobody knows what you're doing. I was scared, though! Scared to tell people, scared to advertise, a little scared to even say it out loud. "I am a business coach". Get out of your own way!

Is your business struggling? Have you put in all the behind the scenes work and gotten all your systems in place, but no customers? Maybe you have the "If you build it, they will come" mentality.

What can you do to get your ideal client to show up?

You must first have an unshakable belief in what you are doing. Is it a wonderful product or service? Share it! Talk about it! Promote it! Be proud! Know that your business serves a purpose and that you are good enough to get the results you want.

Be specific in who you serve and what problem you solve. What outcome/results do you deliver?

Get your pricing right. Know your market. You need to find out how much your customers will pay, as well as what your competitors are charging.

Create a solid marketing strategy so you are in front of your target audience. Research! Where do your clients hang out, where do they live, how much money do they make, what are their interests. You need to speak directly to them when you are posting ads or creating content.

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